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Boys Just Want to Have Fun…on Mobile

A snazzy tool called the Intent Index charts the motivations behind smartphone usage and reveals some stark gender differences. Men use their phones to do research more often than women (73% vs. 64%), compare prices and products (47% vs. 39%), manage finances (70% vs. 54%) and “escape” into games, apps and web surfing (79% vs. 61%).


On the other hand men are much less likely than women to connect with others via their mobile devices. Men are less likely to share (81% vs.95%), join a community (79% vs. 87%), “opine” (32% vs. 50%), “emote” (31% – 47%) or be creative (19% vs. 29%).


The differences come as little surprise because they mirror the gender divide in other areas of life. The real question may be whether mobile devices are changing how men connect, and some studies suggest these devices are pushing men to communicate more often.