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New Medium, Old Target

A recent Burst Media report shows men aged 18-34 are the heaviest consumers of web video, with 20% of them watching more than 10 hours per week. The majority of America’s 180 million web video consumers only watches 1-5 hours per week.


Differences in what they watch are split along gender lines, with men twice as likely to watch political content, significantly more likely to watch comedy, and significantly less likely to watch anything dramatic or educational.


The most important contrast, however, has to do with ad responsiveness. Just 9% of 18-34 year-old guys take action after watching web video ads, compared to a whopping 24% of 35-54 year-old men.


With both demos watching video at the highest rates (79% and 71%, respectively), you’ll get lots of bang for your buck targeting men via online video.

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