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Facebook: “Like” Then Ignore

By June 25, 2012 No Comments

Forget about the number of fans or “likes” your brand’s Facebook page has—especially if your target audience is Millennials (ages 18-34). Research by Appalachian State University found that while 75% of Millennials had “liked” a profit or non-profit organization on Facebook, 69% rarely or never returned to the page after doing so.


Millennials learned of fan pages through friends or by stumbling on the page. Only 28% had actively searched for an organization’s page. Those surveyed tended to “like” nonprofit organizations they had worked with or with whom friends had a relationship.


The researchers stressed enticements such as discounts, coupons, samples or exclusive content to encourage engagement with your brand’s Facebook page. “But there is a threshold where Millennials will disconnect from an organization or group if they become too annoyed with the volume of emails or updates they are receiving,” To point: 42% of those surveyed said they left a Facebook page when it became too annoying.


With just 15% of Millennials visiting organizations’ pages weekly, you’ll need to focus on engaging your audience and creating content they want to share if your brand is to get any mileage out of Facebook.

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