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More Screens = More Streams

By June 25, 2012 No Comments

Millennials are nearly as likely to stream TV shows (65% do so in a typical week) as they are to watch TV on a set (68% do so in a typical week). What’s more, 22% watch TV via a mobile phone or tablet weekly says research by Ypulse.


Things get really interesting when they turn 18. Some 71% of Millennials aged 18+ watch TV via online streaming, whereas only 49% of those under age 18 watch via streaming. Meanwhile, mobile viewing jumps from 16% for under-18s to 24% among over-18s.


Ypulse speculates the phenomenon results from older Millennials being more likely to own laptop computers and smartphones than their younger counterparts, in addition to having more hectic schedules that prevent them from watching scheduled TV.

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