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Second Screen Sensitivity

By June 25, 2012 No Comments

A survey commissioned by Upstream finds 44% of persons 18-34 in the U.S. think they receive “too much” promotional material via digital channels (i.e. email and mobile).


Excessive digital promotion has serious consequences; 65% say it causes them to “ignore or delete” promotions and 20% say it drives them to stop using an offending brand. Men are much more sensitive than women with 24% saying they would stop using a product or service following excessive promotional messages, compared to only 16% of women. And 32% of men would be less inclined to respond positively to a brand in the future if they felt bombarded compared to only 24% of women.


This frustration is most clearly noticeable on mobile, where 67% find it unacceptable to receive promotional messages over their phones.


The same survey finds people are more likely to engage with advertising tailored to their personal interests, but no single factor reliably raises people’s interests. So speak less and to take an approach centered on quality rather than quantity with digital campaigns.


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