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Dads Still Feel Societal Bias

Research by The Parenting Group and Edelman supports the notion that today’s fathers play a more significant role in childcare and household responsibilities than their fathers’ generation.


Yet the majority of fathers (66%) feel there is still a societal bias against dads. This feeling exists even though much has changed since they were kids, where now dads are more often: buying groceries (up from 32% to 70%), taking care of children (up from 33% to 70%), cooking (up from 22% to 67%) and cleaning (up from 10% to 70%).


Moreover some dads are assuming sole responsibility of several household tasks, most notably feeding their families; 26% say they do all of the grocery shopping and 22% say they do all of the cooking. When asked what describes their role in their family, 31% said “short-order cook.”


The older their kids, the more likely dads are to share childcare responsibilities equally with their partner;  60% of dads with kids 13+ feel  they are teammates with their partners, but 25% of first-time dads feel their partner is the coach and dad is just the water boy.


When it comes to making brand decisions, 59% of dads say they use 4 or more sources of information to help them make purchase decisions compared with only 44% of moms. So providing information via multiple channels could be an effective way to market products to dads.

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