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Recession Gives Rise to the Mindful Consumer

Euro RSCG Worldwide undertook a global consumer study and finds a fundamental movement away from hyper-consumerism. The new consumer is looking for more meaning, more deeply felt connections, more substance, and a sense of purpose. The authors cite the “Great Recession” as the impetus for consumers considering new paths and finding a better way to consume.


The study summarizes the “mindful consumer’s” mindset as:

  • Embracing substance (e.g. 51% would like to be part of a truly important cause)
  • Rightsizing (e.g. 67% believe most people would be better off if they lived more simply)
  • Growing up (e.g. 70% say saving money makes them feel good about themselves)
  • Seeking purposeful pleasure (e.g. 72% are shopping more carefully and mindfully than they used to).


This new paradigm means future marketing needs to embrace factors beyond the product itself.

  • Shopping is no longer just about the product. Mindful consumers view purchases in light of who makes it and whether the company is having a positive or negative impact on the broader world.
  • Consumers want to feel good about their purchase decisions. Successful brands will help consumers make the “right” choices by giving them practical and emotional incentives to do so.
  • People feel isolated and crave connections, so smart brands will build connections that give people a sense of community and shared purpose.