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Hispanic Millennials Rule Social Media

By July 13, 2012 No Comments

If your brand is looking to connect with young Hispanics, social media is the platform for engagement. According to Simmons almost 75% of Hispanics 18-29 use social media, with nearly half of these checking in at least once a day.


Hispanics in this age group also are savvy shoppers who enjoy sharing their experiences about products and brands. About a quarter say social media is a way to tell people about companies and products they like, and one-in-five post ratings or reviews for other consumers. They also carry what they learn online into their lives offline — nearly 40% say they talk about things they see on social sharing sites in face-to-face conversations. Thirty percent of these consumers also follow their favorite brands on social networking sites.


There are a couple of key differences in social media between Hispanics 18-29 and Hispanics in their thirties. Only 56% of thirty-something Hispanics use social media and on 34% check in at least once a day; they also are less likely to follow their favorite brands on social media (19%). But compared with Hispanic Millennials, Hispanics in their thirties are more likely to make purchases online and research them heavily online beforehand.

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