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Have Website, Will Watch More TV

By July 23, 2012 No Comments

A comScore study examined how consumers use TV, Internet and Mobile alone and in combination to consume “media brands” (i.e. 4 broadcast and 6 cable TV networks). The research found three distinct groups: TV Only (72%) who use a brand’s media content on TV but do not access content on digital platforms; Digital Only (11%) who consume media brands’ content on mobile and/or Internet but not on TV; and Multi-Screen (17%) who access content via two or more platforms (TV + Internet or TV + Mobile).


When looking at propensity indices by gender, male and female audiences appeared equally likely to be Multi-Screen, TV and Digital-Only users.


The study found the two groups that include TV in their media consumption spend the majority of their time on this platform, but the Multi-Screen group consumes 25% more minutes on the TV platform than TV Only. Thus the fear that online would cannibalize TV time appears unwarranted.

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