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Keep It Short for Affluent Men

By July 23, 2012 No Comments

Luxury marketers should create separate digital campaigns for affluent females vs. affluent males because these groups absorb online marketing differently and have different online behaviors, says Luxury Daily.


Women are more likely to interact with a brand via social media, as evidenced by the female-dominated Pinterest, while men use the Internet to research a brand and have a tendency to discover things online on their own.  In addition, affluent males want their banner ads short and to-the-point and also enjoy interactivity and video.


Brands looking to target men should incorporate a few key things into digital advertising and online marketing campaigns.


  • Men want to see solutions to their problems via digital advertising and marketing. For example, if a man is looking to buy a cardigan, luxury marketers should show him a few ways to wear it as well as details about the materials and craftsmanship.


  • Men favor a more a more humorous or status-oriented approach and spend less time on sites, so they need to be grabbed quickly with a short brand message



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