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Millennial Guys Rescue Style

By July 23, 2012 No Comments

Millennial guys are putting a lot of effort into looking good these days, says youth researcher YPulse.  It’s not that guy style doesn’t exist — there was the “Miami Vice” look of the 80s, the grunge look of the 90s, and the metrosexual craze of the 00s — but now guys are pursuing fashion by curating unique looks, rather than just copying what they see on TV.


They’re finding inspiration everywhere, from blogs to magazines to social media. Millennial men are a knowledge-hungry generation looking for information on their passions anywhere they can find it, and style is no different. Several shuttered men’s fashion magazines are coming back to newsstands as publishers realize men are actively seeking information about style.


It’s also easier than ever for young men to create their own look. They’re avid online shoppers and can research, track down, and buy just about anything these days, no matter where they live. Sneakers, t-shirts, chains, sweaters, hats — if they want it, they can have it in their hands a few days later.

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