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Hispanic Millennials are Different

By July 27, 2012 No Comments

Viacom says major differences exist between adult Hispanic Millennials (18-29 year-olds) and Hispanics in their thirties with the main source of difference being where they were born. Marketers should take note of these differences and create somewhat different pitches for each generation. Other ways Hispanic Millennials are different from thirty-something Hispanics:


  • Two-thirds prefer to speak English in their everyday lives; Hispanics in their thirties prefer to speak more Spanish.
  • More open to trying new brands and have a greater tendency not to decide what they want before going shopping.
  • More likely to say they love to buy new gadgets and like to be the first to have the latest technology.
  • More likely to use the internet to download music files; watch videos, TV programs, or movies; play games; watch sports; and listen to internet radio.
  • More active social media users; 70% of Hispanic Millennials use social media vs. 55% of thirty-somethings.

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