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Men and Ads…It’s Complicated

By July 27, 2012 No Comments

A report by AdAge finds men have moderate praise for TV advertising, saying TV ads provide them with: useful information about new products and services (54%), useful information about bargains (46%), and meaningful information about the product use of other consumers (40%). A lot of guys (47%) even say TV ads are funny.


But there’s a flip side; 63% also say TV ads are repeated too often and 50% say ads appear at inconvenient times. Even worse, the two platforms marketers spend the most resources on-TV and internet-are where men are most likely to be skeptical; around one-third say both TV and internet ads have no credibility.


Millennial men say they pay considerable attention to ads in shopping malls, followed closely by ads in medical offices and bars or pubs. Gen X and Baby Boomer men also notice ads in malls and medical offices, but to a lesser degree. Millennial men are the most likely to be interested in watching video clips on their phones, but 65% say phone ads are annoying. Print ads get the highest marks from older generations.


The report notes that while older men prefer older media and youth flock to the internet, the picture is actually more complicated. They conclude men value advertising according to the benefits offered by the particular medium, and adjust their attention accordingly.