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Men + Gadgets + Shopping = Get it Done

By October 4, 2013 No Comments

A third of guys would buy everything online if they could, Adweek reports. Though men are shopping more, they still don’t get as much enjoyment from it as women—they just want to get the job done. That’s one reason they’re much more likely to use mobile shopping technology to price compare and make purchases.


Of men surveyed for the DDB Life Style Study, 31 percent said they would prefer to exclusively shop online, compared to 27 percent of women. For Millennial guys (ages 18-34) that number goes up to 40 percent. Men are much more inclined than women to use mobile phones to shop (15 percent vs. 9 percent) and use QR codes and apps to find the best deals (17 percent vs. 12 percent).


It’s clear the retail experience is lacking for most guys. While nearly 60 percent of women view shopping as entertainment, that number drops to 44 percent for men. And more than half of women view shopping as therapy, compared to just over a quarter male respondents.