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Men and Women Shop Differently on Mobile

By December 20, 2013 No Comments

Compared to men, women are much more attached to their smartphones according to a study by Nuance Digital Marketing and Time Magazine called Women+Mobile: The Unbreakable Bond. As this infographic from Adweek displays, 60 percent of women say their mobile is the most important device in their lives, nearly 20 points higher than for men.


When it comes to shopping, men and women are using mobile devices more than ever, but taking divergent approaches. For men, smartphones get shopping done quickly and efficiently. They use their mobiles to find the closest store (58 percent), search for products (50 percent) or scan QR codes (50 percent, compared to 38 percent of women).


Women, on the other hand, embrace the entire digital shopping experience and dig for deals. They start with apps that create product wish lists (32 percent), then make shopping lists (46 percent) and clip digital coupons (23 percent versus 14 percent of men).


When they buy, women check in to stores using location apps like Foursquare to get discounts (17 percent). And post-purchase, they are more likely share photos of their new buy (52 percent, versus 35 percent of men).