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New Series: A Look at “Super Fan Builds”

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Here at DEFY, we’re constantly pushing ourselves to create the best video content we can. Our creative team has some of the most brilliant minds in the industry, and are always trying out new concepts. Since we launched the AWE Me Channel with its signature show, Man at Arms, a little less than two years ago, we’ve seen the channel grow to to more than 2.5 million subscribers and more than 126 million video views.

We knew that whatever shows we launched next really needed to be incredible. We’ve since re-vamped Man at Arms with Man at Arms: Reforged and just launched an entirely new program called Super Fan Builds that is continuing to pick up steam!

Presented by Break, Super Fan Builds comes from the same team of creative minds behind Man at Arms and follows the team of skilled craftsmen from Tim Baker Creations as they make the dreams of “super fans” come true by creating amazing, custom tributes to their favorite film and video game pop-culture icons.

The premiere episode featured a Groot Swing Set and the second episode featured a Hobbit-hole Bag End kitty litter box. This week, Christmas comes early for a super BioShock fan. Check it out and be sure to subscribe to the AWEme Channel.

5 Questions With…Kyle Bosman

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Name: Kyle Bosman

Title: Associate Producer

Years at DEFY: Five months!

Twitter Handle: @KyleBosman

1. What project(s) are you most excited about working on right now and why?

I write and host my own show on GameTrailers called “The Final Bosman,” ( and on this show I get to do whatever I want for some reason. Every week I can talk about video games and act like my truest, weirdest self, and I’m grateful to have an audience who likes my stupid tomfoolery.

 2. What is a favorite hobby /pastime / interest you enjoy outside of the office?

I write sketch comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Reading “lol” in the comments is nice, but hearing a live audience laugh at your jokes is a whole other feeling.

 3. What is one show you watch on TV (or digital) that you love and one you can’t stand (but watch anyway)?

I love Brooklyn 99 this year; every character is uniquely funny. As for hate-watching, no question it’s Mulaney. There are so many great shows I could watch every week, but I keep coming back to Mulaney. I just sit there and frown the entire time, occasionally driven to shake my head in shame. It’s a real problem for me. Thank you for the opportunity to talk about this.

4.  iPhone or Android?

I used to be embarrassed to own an iPhone, but after years of those mean, defensive Samsung/Windows Phone commercials I’ve actually become endeared to it.

 5. What is up next for GameTrailers in 2015 that you are excited about?

Next year we’re going to become more invested in live programming, which makes us all nervous and excited. Also there’s going to be a new Zelda.

Prank it FWD – Thanksgiving Edition!

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Phew. That was a crazy few months which is why we’re just updating the blog about “Prank it FWD” now!

The second iteration of our super successful “positive prank” campaign kicked off in late November and this time around we met Cara Simmons, a hardworking housekeeper and single mother of three in Cleveland, OH who has never had a day off in her life. Recently hospitalized for stress and exhaustion, she was nominated for Prank it FWD by her sister and boss. When Cara’s boss sends her to work an important job cleaning a new house, some incredible surprises await her behind the front door and the day is topped off with a life-changing gift that not even her loved ones saw coming. Check out “She’s Got it Maid” which is currently sitting at more than 5.6M views.

The program also included original pranks from SMOSH, Screen Junkies, Clevver and other DEFY properties and partners who got in on the positive prank action.

Overall, “Prank it FWD” was covered by more than 300 national and local media outlets including The Today Show, Good Morning America, Mashable, ABC World News Tonight, Huffington Post and many more.  Big congrats to all involved and keep an eye out for more positive pranks in the months ahead!


Powerhouse Comedy Brand SMOSH Continues to Expand Franchise with the Launch of Mobile Game Food Battle: The Game on iOS and Android

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Fan-funded game brings SMOSH’s yearly “Food Battle” to handheld devices

(Los Angeles) – Nov. 19, 2014 – Powerhouse comedy brand and top YouTube channel SMOSH continues to expand its digital footprint with the launch of Food Battle: The Game on iOS and Android, now available for free download. The fan-funded game, developed in partnership with Roadhouse Interactive, is based on SMOSH’s annual Food Battle video series which is currently in its ninth consecutive year and remains the brand’s longest running and most-popular series with over 100 million video views to date.

The action adventure game puts players in Anthony’s shoes in a quest to defend the village of Tickputt against invading donut minions with food-based weapons such as a “Celery Sword,” “Burrito Bomb” and “Egg Roll Hammer.” Food Battle: The Game is set in a fictional world containing the most popular characters from SMOSH. In order to vanquish the invading horde of mutant homicidal donuts, players must collect stars and food items, unlock eight powerful food weapons, fight enemies, and solve puzzles to advance through all the quests and discover what is ultimately behind the sugary menace. Each character in the game is voiced by Ian, Anthony or other voices from the SMOSH family, including Ian’s mom.

“We are beyond excited for Food Battle: The Game and see our creative vision come to life,” said Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, co-founders of SMOSH. “It has been a lifelong dream to create a SMOSH-inspired game and it has been an amazing experience to be part of the development process. Words can’t express just how excited we are for SMOSH fans to get their hands on the game and save Tickputt from mutant donuts!”

The game began as a dream for Ian, Anthony and audience members who partially funded the game via an IndieGoGo campaign which awarded funders with a variety of perks throughout development. Further supported by DEFY Media, parent company of SMOSH, and top game developers Roadhouse Interactive, the game has evolved into a highly anticipated free-to-play holiday title for both diehard fans as well as those new to SMOSH. Food Battle: The Game joins other widely downloaded apps from DEFY Media including SMOSH,, and GameTrailers which are available on iOS, Android, Xbox, Roku and other leading platform sand have garnered a total of over 19 million installs.

Tarrnie Williams, President and Executive Producer, Roadhouse Interactive commented, “The team at Roadhouse has had tons of fun making this game with Ian, Anthony and the whole SMOSH team. We are confident that the millions of SMOSH fans will enjoy playing it as much as we have enjoyed making it.”

SMOSH, one of DEFY Media’s most iconic properties and an online fixture since 2005, is currently the largest content brand for 13-17 year olds.  With over 30 million combined YouTube subscribers, 19 million social followers, and 12 million monthly unique website visitors, SMOSH has one of the strongest digital footprints of any media brand in existence today. Based on the strength of these audiences, SMOSH has also seen multiple chart-topping musical endeavors, record-setting channel spinoffs with Smosh Games and Shut Up! Cartoons along with newly launched Xbox 360 and Xbox ONE apps and top-selling mobile apps, totaling more than one million downloads to date.

Download Food Battle: The Game on iOS or Android and connect with SMOSH across social channels:

##’s Prank it FWD Goes Home for the Holidays – A Deserving Mom Gets “Maid” in the Ultimate Surprise

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Prank it FWD movement returns with top YouTubers to spread positivity this holiday season! Watch a hardworking housekeeper get a life changing surprise; ups the ante for donation to charitable partner

 (LOS ANGELES) – Nov. 17, 2014 – DEFY Media-owned, the number one humor video site, is going bigger this time around as the second iteration of Prank it FWD returns with a series of original videos from top YouTube channel and comedy brand SMOSH, as well as popular YouTube pranksters Greg Benson (MediocreFilms), LAHWF, JSTUStudios, and Tom Mabe(MabeinAmerica), to spread holiday cheer with more pranks for good.  Kicking off today with’s “She’s Got it Maid,” in partnership with Barefoot Wine & Bubbly, and SMOSH’s “Ultimate Fan Surprise,” the program continues to inspire and spread positivity throughout the online community.

Prank it FWD began in April 2014 and sparked a movement across the globe as the campaign quickly amassed more than 30 million views, helped by “Best Shift Ever,” which surprised L.A. waitress Chelsea Roff with some life-changing “tips,” including a brand new car.  Ms. Roff is now able to work full time at her non-profit, Eat Breathe Thrive.

“April’s Prank it FWD delivered above and beyond anything we could have expected,” commented Barry Blumberg, Head of Content, DEFY Media. “Our content struck a chord with the public and significantly changed the life of one of our participants, in addition to moving many viewers to ‘Prank it Forward’ in their own communities.  This time around we challenged ourselves to go bigger, and what better time than the holiday season to share more good and prank-filled surprises? The results will undoubtedly bring cheer to everyone that watches.”

In “She’s Got it Maid,” we meet Cara Simmons, a hardworking housekeeper and single mother of three in Cleveland, OH who has never had a day off in her life. Recently hospitalized for stress and exhaustion, she was nominated for Prank it FWD by her sister and boss. When Cara’s boss sends her to work an important job cleaning a new house, some incredible surprises await her behind the front door and the day is topped off with a life-changing gift that not even her loved ones saw coming. also expands its partnership with charitable partner, the largest organization for young people and social change in the U.S. In addition to donating one dollar for every 1,000 views of the Prank it FWD videos, an additional dollar will be donated for every social mention and share of #PrankitFWD.  In April, the program reached the donation goal in less than two weeks.

“At, we meet young people where they are,” said Naomi Hirabayashi, chief marketing officer at “We don’t compete with content they love, we build into it. Prank it FWD is the perfect mix of hilarious and entertaining content that has a positive message.  We are grateful for the significant donation made possible by the first campaign and we’re thrilled to be a part of round two!”

In addition to and SMOSH, DEFY Media-owned SMOSH Games, Clevver, and Screen Junkies bring their own special take on positive pranks. Custom videos from each brand, as well as original pranks from popular YouTube pranksters will roll out over the coming weeks, reaching a combined audience of more than 38 million YouTube subscribers. Featured videos include:

SMOSH’s “Ultimate Fan Surprise” – Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox of the powerhouse digital comedy brand SMOSH head to Detroit to surprise a super fan battling Leukemia. Made possible through friends at The Rainbow Connection.

  • Screen Junkies’ “Marvel Super Fan gets Epic Surprise” – “Screen Junkies Show” host Hal Rudnick and crew show up on the doorstep of a super fan in College Station, TX.
  •’s Prank Bank, “Real Life Cash Cab” – YouTube prankster and Prank it FWD spokesperson Greg Benson gives unsuspecting and impatient riders a free lift through the streets of Seattle.

In addition to the videos, will head the streets to surprise thousands of motorists with some unexpected parking good will in New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago, and encourages recipients to continue to movement.

Expect more positive pranks in 2015! Viewers can officially submit or nominate stories to be considered for the next campaign at  Tune in over the next two weeks to watch all the Prank it FWD videos on or through Break’s free mobile app, Roku and Xbox360 and Xbox ONE apps.

The full release schedule of Prank it FWD videos is below.

11/17/14 –’s “She’s Got it Maid

11/17/14 – SMOSH’s “Ultimate Fan Surprise

11/17/14 – Greg Benson of MediocreFilms

11/17/14 – Tom Mabe of MabeinAmerica

11/17/14 – LAHWF

11/26/14 – JSTUStudios

11/20/14 –’s Prank Bank, “Real Life Cash Cab”

11/20/14 –’s Prank Bank, “Yard Sale Buyouts”

11/20/14 – Screen Junkies, “Marvel Super Fan Gets Epic Surprise”

11/23/14 – SMOSH Games

11/25/14 – ClevverTV’s Totally Clevver prank episode

Connect and share Prank it FWD on social platforms:

Twitter: @PrankitFWD


Instagram: @OfficialPrankitFWD