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Generation Rebel

By February 21, 2014 No Comments

Coming of age in the digital era, Millennial males are steeped in mass media culture—even though they rebel against it.


A new study from Complex Media reported in AdvertisingAge paints a picture of 18- to 34-year-old men seeking to make their mark on the world in unique and individual ways.


“Our survey contradicts many assumptions about Millennial males,” says Rich Antoniello, CEO of Complex Media. “They aren’t disinterested but rather quite interested in what they choose to care about. There’s a big difference.”


On the one hand, younger men want to be the first to know everything, and they happily dip into the stream of social media to get their info. One-third of those surveyed say they’re on Facebook “all day long,” and half say they use social media as a primary source of news.


But if something gets huge, it immediately looses credibility. Half of the same group report that they’re “over Facebook,” while two-thirds think mass media kills cool trends. And TV is so last decade—10 percent say they never watch live TV anymore.


“Millennial males are rebelling against the mass culture they grew up in to create their own identities, and they’re highly skilled at using new media to seek out what’s important to them,” Antoniello says.


Though you’ll likely find them buried in their smartphone, young men aren’t slackers, but rather self-starters. They had to be—many of them scraped to find their first jobs during the recession, and 2 out of 3 say they’d like to start their own business someday.

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