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Fewer Hispanics Say ‘I Do’

By March 21, 2014 No Comments

Young Hispanics are more hesitant to get married since the recession, according to a recent study by Tr3s.


The big barrier: money. Weddings are expensive—and so is moving out of your parents’ house and supporting a family. Instead, Hispanics aged 18-34 are focusing first on financial stability and building their careers.


“Hispanic adult Millennials place a high value on marriage – but they also see it as risky,” Erica Saylor writes for Viacom’s blog. “True romantics at heart, they hope to marry that perfect partner—someday. For now, however, they are taking their time to make sure their boyfriends or girlfriends live up to their ideals.”


While marriage rates are falling among all U.S. adults, those rates are lower—and dropping faster—among English-speaking Hispanics. In 2013 fewer than a quarter of bilingual Hispanics aged 18-34 were married, as compared to 33 percent of non-Hispanics. Since 2008, the marriage rate has fallen a striking 44 percent among English-dominant Hispanics in this age group, as compared to a 17 percent drop among non-Hispanics.

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