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Rise of the Small(er) Screen

By March 21, 2014 No Comments

The Internet has transformed TV viewing, and there’s no going back now. For the Millennial generation in particular the new expectation is to watch what they want, when they want and for as long as they want, according to YPulse’s “Ten Lessons from the Year in Millennial Entertainment” which covers not just TV but music, movies and other trends.


“The next generation of television viewers will have even less of a commitment to the actual television set than Millennials do,” YPulse writes.


As live TV becomes more passé, binge viewing—digesting multiple episodes of a show in one sitting—is the new standard. Fully 88 percent of Netflix users and 70 percent of Hulu Plus users binge view, and subscriptions are on the rise for on-demand video providers.


If anything can save live TV, it’s Twitter. Tweeting while watching sports or shows it the new water cooler phenomenon. Among 18-34 year olds, a 4 percent increase in Twitter use during a show’s airtime correlated with a 1 percent increase in ratings.


“These tweets aren’t just pulling eyes away from the TV screen, they’re actually helping to boost TV ratings.”


On the short end of the attention-span spectrum, the micro-video site Vine debuted in January 2013 and has become practically indispensible for a growing group of Millennial “videovores.” In six seconds, many new stars have been born.


“The power of Vine is huge and has won over Millennial viewers who crave bite-sized content that can make them laugh.”