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June 2014

Prank it FWD Unleashes the Power of Positive Pranks

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In anticipation of April Fool’s Day and the most prank-filled week of the year, DEFY Media launched our Prank it FWD program – a series of prank videos aimed to change the negative perception of internet pranks. The prank masters at, responsible from some of the most popular pranks online, enlisted fellow DEFY talent, including comedic duo and top YouTube subscribed channel SMOSH, and other popular YouTube pranksters such as Greg Benson and Stuart Edge for the program. The original videos aimed to promote positivity throughout the online community and encourage viewers to share them with friends and family, or create their own positive pranks. For every 1,000 video views, we committed to donating one dollar to partner, the largest youth focused organization for social change in the U.S., with an overall goal of 20 million views.

Led by’s anchor video “Best Shift Ever,” we hit 18 million views in just one week, reaching our program goal soon after. Driven by strategic execution of content distribution, media and social marketing, the program has generated more than 23 million views to date. The Prank it FWD campaign garnered significant national media attention with more than 400 media placements including coverage on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, The Today Show, E News, and Fox & Friends CNN, Gawker, Huffington Post,, People, BuzzFeed, Adweek, and many more.

DEFY Media Heads to VidCon with Launch of its “Creators Program”

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Initiative powers independent creators to expand brand reach; YouTube talents Kingsley, Greg Benson, Marié Digby on board to develop content and custom programs

(Los Angeles, CA) June 25– DEFY Media, a leading creator and distributor of digital content and home to top media and YouTube brands SMOSH, AWEMe, Clevver, and Break today announced the launch of its “Creators Program”.  The program will build upon the company’s established YouTube partner network with new programming and co-production offerings that will allow qualified YouTube creators the ability to leverage new distribution channels and explore additional revenue opportunities.

The “Creators Program” provides content partners with personalized strategic services and resources leveraging DEFY Media’s in-house expertise in building brand franchises and successful multi-platform expansion across mobile apps, retail and digital merchandising, sponsorship, and content syndication.  Partners will work closely with DEFY’s creative lab for the development of new content initiatives and talent collaborations unique to DEFY Media’s owned and operated portfolio of top ranked digital brands and award-winning talent across comedy, entertainment, gaming, beauty and fashion that together reach more than 155 million unique viewers each month.

“DEFY Media’s ‘Creators Program’ stands apart by giving digital talent a true one-on-one experience centered on building the right opportunities and partnerships that will take their careers to the next level,” commented Michael Chiang, DEFY Media’s  SVP of Strategy & Operations. “Our partners will collaborate with the same team behind the success of some of the biggest digital brands in the world and tap into valuable resources to build a business beyond their personal channel.”

Launch partners include popular digital talents Kingsley, Greg Benson,  Marié Digby and  Game Theorists’ Matthew Patrick, who will each debut new projects in partnership with DEFY Media in the coming months:

  • Greg Benson (actor, writer, director/Mediocre Films): Greg contributed to’s recent “Prank it FWD” program, producing a heartwarming black-tie event at a homeless shelter that helped drive the program past 25 million views and a significant donation to a charitable partner.  Greg continues as an ambassador of the program which returns this holiday season.
  • KingsleyNearing three million YouTube subscribers and over 300 million views, Kingsley is the leading voice of poignant and comedic commentary on pop culture, entertainment, memes, and celebrity lifestyle. Kingsley’s next big project is a ClevverTV show that takes it all to the next level.
  • Marié Digby (singer, songwriter, musician): This multi-talented  musical powerhouse will release Chimera later this summer, an EP of original songs and accompanying music videos co-produced and distributed through DEFY Media.
  • Matthew Patrick (Game Theorists): Fusing video games and science, Matthew Patrick’s Game Theorists (2.2M subs) is one of YouTube’s most unique gaming channels and one of the platform’s top 100 fastest-growing. Matthew will leverage DEFY’s content syndication relationships and expansive gaming portfolio that includes The Escapist, Gamefront, and Game Trailers.

 “I’ve been working with DEFY Media for almost two years and the opportunity to create something new and different for my viewers is incredible,” commented Kingsley. “I  really love creating funny, insightful, and honest content and commentary on my channel, however, hosting a pop-culture and entertainment show has been a goal of mine and I’m excited to see this come to fruition with DEFY and ClevverTV”.

 DEFY Media recently announced a strategic partnership and investment from VIACOM that included DEFY’s acquisition of leading gaming properties Game Trailers, Addicting Games and Shockwave, expanding the company’s unmatched reach to 13-34 consumers across its owned and operated brand brand portfolio which includes Break, SMOSH, AWEme, Clevver, The Gloss, Made Man and Screen Junkies  DEFY counts more than 40MM YouTube subscribers, 55MM social media followers and recently surpassed 10MM downloads of its mobile viewing and gaming apps.



DEFY Media is the definitive media company for the digital generation, formed by the 2013 merger of Alloy Digital and Break Media.  The merger united two companies with strong legacies and expertise in creating influential and culturally significant entertainment properties for 12-34 year old consumers. DEFY Media creates some of the most popular content in digital under its leading portfolio of brands, including Break, Clevver, Made Man, SMOSH, Screen Junkies, The Gloss, and The Escapist, together reaching over 155 million consumers monthly through owned web, YouTube, mobile, social, and emerging OTT platforms. The world’s top brands partner with DEFY to build immersive advertising solutions that deliver unparalleled access to this influential audience. With uniquely integrated capabilities in content development, studio production, distribution and promotion, DEFY Media is built for content delivery in the digital age. Please visit us at


Busting Myths about Millennials

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Although presently climbing the income ladder, Millennials are poised to make a huge economic splash in the coming decades. Millennials may be many things—tech obsessed, creative, highly social — but a study from Pew Research busts a few myths to reveal what 18- to 36-year-olds are not.


Myth: They’re narcissistic.

They may post daily selfies to Instagram, but more than half (52 percent) say being a good parent is one of their most important goals, while only 1 percent say being famous is important. Fully three quarters of Millennials donated to charity in 2011. Above all, they want to make the world a better place—even with their everyday purchases.


Myth: They’re all broke.

There’s no question Millennials were shaken by economic recession, with higher unemployment rates than other age groups. However, they actually outnumber Gen X on individuals with $2 million or more assets. Millennials are also the most educated generation; nearly a quarter hold a bachelor’s degree. And while 69 percent think they don’t currently earn enough to lead the kind of lifestyle they want, 88 percent believe that someday they will.


Myth: Millennials spend frivolously

While they’re more likely to make impulse buys, Millennials are the most deal-savvy generation alive. Nearly a third (31 percent) of their spending dollars go toward deals compared to 27 percent of Gen X and a quarter of Baby Boomers. “Many of the top 20 retail/shopping apps used by Millennials are discount-focused with Groupon and Shop Kick topping the charts,” Pew writes.


Millennials also will pay a premium for products that are local, authentic or homemade. Bottom line: they want to feel good about what their buying.


Myth: Millennials want a white picket fence.

“The American Dream no longer means a comfortable home in the suburbs,” Pew writes. Four out of 10 Millennials want to live in an urban area in the future. Cities fit their lifestyle, allowing them to ditch their cars (two-thirds owned a car in 2011, down from nearly three-quarters in 2007). More than “McMansions,” Millennials want walkable communities where they can buy local goods, meet up with friends and catch the bus if they need to.

Game Consoles are Teens’ Web Portals

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U.S. teens have a favorite way to go online: with their Internet-connected gaming consoles. In fact, they use them to go online more than they use them to play video games, according to eMarketer.


More than 60 percent of 13- to 17-year-olds use game consoles to access the Internet at home—on par with smartphones (64 percent) and desktop computers (also 61 percent).


Meanwhile, handheld gaming devices are losing popularity. Just 28 percent of teens use them to play video games, as compared to just over half of teens that use gaming consoles or laptops for this purpose.


“Having grown up in a digitally charged society, U.S. teens rely on a plethora of devices to function in their everyday lives,” eMarketer writes.

Millennials Give in to Impulse Buys

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Millennials have been hit hard by economic recession and student debt, but that’s not keeping them from buying stuff they didn’t plan on. More than half (52 percent) of 18- to 34-year-olds frequently make impulse buys, writes eMarketer. This compares to 46 percent of adult Internet users overall.


Online “window shopping” seems to be fueling the trend. The vast majority of Millennials (60 percent) browse daily for online items, even if they don’t buy anything. “This aimless browsing could be the reason why millennial Internet users were more likely than their older counterparts to make impulse buys,” eMarketer writes.


Of those adults who aimlessly browse daily, 66 percent of them know what brand they’re going to buy, but the rest are still free agents, representing an opportunity for marketers.


And among those who browse online for products less often—monthly or sporadically—fewer than half know what brand they’re going to buy. “There is still significant opportunity to convert those who have not yet made a brand decision, especially those who aren’t browsing as frequently.”


The data comes from a 2013 AOL survey of U.S. Internet users.

Tech is Baked Into Millennial DNA

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Millennial adults aged 18 to 36 make up a quarter of the U.S. population. While some may still be living with their parents now, they will soon surpass Baby Boomers in spending power.


And if you’ve noticed, they don’t stray more than about 5 feet from their smartphones.


“Technology is essentially baked into every Millennial’s DNA,” Nielson writes about their recent study Millennials: Breaking the Myths. “This generation’s digital tendencies mean that marketers and brands need to step up their games in order to keep up and engage with them.”


The information stream is constant—and that’s how they like it. A third of younger Millennials aged 18 to 24 use social media in the bathroom, and half of the older set (age 25-34) admits they go on social networks at the office. Together, these groups check in socially around 20 hours per month.


Beyond social, Millennials are more likely to use their gadgets to handle their own finances online, trade stocks or buy insurance. They are also the heaviest users of online banking. “Money is a key focal area for Millennials, as they’re coming of age in the direst economic climate since the Great Depression,” Neilson writes. “And that means they’re price conscious and deal savvy.”


Rather than clipping coupons like their parents, they use apps like Amazon Mobile or Groupon to find deals. In fact, discounts and promotions comprise a third of what they buy.

The Softer Side of Masculinity

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Today’s man is increasingly able to show his softer side, according to data from Mindshare’s 2014 Culture Vulture study.


“They’re still embracing traditional male values: duty, competition, self-reliance,” writes Marketing service provider WPP, which covered the Mindshare study. “But they’re also increasingly able to show their softer side: social responsibility, modesty and their emotions.”


The data aligns with findings from Defy Media’s 2014 Acumen Report: Brand New Man.


Defy’s research revealed that today’s man is less macho and more “Modern Mensch.” He strives to be good hearted, well rounded and family oriented. Defying stereotypes of the past, he cleans, cooks meals and takes charge of some grocery shopping.


Men can (and do) ask for directions, the Acumen Report found. This plays out not only on road trips but also in retail stores. Asking for advice is lo longer a sign of weakness, and men readily talk to people they view as experts, friends, family for guidance, especially before making a purchase.


Social responsibility may also come into play as men make more household purchasing decisions. Six in 10 men have bought a product because it was made locally or regionally, and half purchased a product because it was made by a small company, according to Defy’s research.


And expressing himself? When it comes to brands they love, men have no trouble shouting it from the rooftops. Said one Acumen Report participant, Stan, in Chicago:  “NBC [face wash] was hands down better than anything else I’ve tried. I’ve actually told some of my friends…every person that’s tried it has been like, “Holy crap! I can see and feel a difference!”

Millennials Have Major Social Sway

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When Millennials post about your company’s product, their friends buy it, eMarketer writes.


Among 18- to 34-year-olds who use social networks, 7 out of 10 are at least slightly influenced to buy a product based on friends’ photos or status updates on social media, according to a poll by Harris Interactive.


Who’s posting about products? Women are more likely to do so, especially those 44 and younger. Only 18 percent of women aged 18-34 said they never posted about new products and services. On the flip side, 61 percent of Millennial men “rarely” or “never” post content about new products or services.


One thing is true about Millennial Internet users—they are the first to try products. Nearly 6 in 10 report they’re the first person in their network to try a new product or service, as compared to 19 percent of those 65 and older.


And early adoption leads to more sharing.


“Internet users between the ages of 18 and 44 might be driven to share thoughts and pictures about new products and services if they know it’s something their friends and family have not yet tried.”

Smosh Sets Record for Dosomething.Org’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention Campaign – Pregnancy Text Results Overwhelmingly Positive

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DEFY and SMOSH are longtime supporters of, the largest organization for young people and social change in the U.S., and we’re always pumped to collaborate with them for a worthy cause.   For the organization’s PREGNANCY TEXT campaign, now in its 3rd year,  SMOSH duo Ian and Anthony created an original video to drive awareness for teen pregnancy prevention.

The hilarious video follows SMOSH as they attempt to take care of a virtual baby for a day, and challenges teens to also participate by texting “SMOSH” to 38383 – and to encourage impregnating friends phones.  In just 24 hours, the video drove more than 10K sign ups. Just three weeks in, over 700k views powering over 52,000 sign ups – that’s a whopping 33% of this year’s overall participation!

Record setting “call to action” for – now that’s the POWER OF SMOSH.   Check out their care taking adventure and visit for more info.

Leading Men’s Lifestyle Destination Made Man Celebrates Father’s Day with Style, Poise and Some Deserving Dad Surprises

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“For Fathers” program honors dads with new video series, celebrity cameos, exclusive gift guides and more – Inspiring personal stories take the stage in “For Fathers” while America’s favorite TV sons wish their fictional dads well in “Dads of Our Lives” 

(New York, NY) – June 13, 2014 – Made Man (, a leading men’s lifestyle destination owned by DEFY Media celebrates dads with “For Fathers,” a month-long tribute to fathers everywhere. The program launches with several original video series and special editorial content including, “For Fathers” which takes a look at inspiring, real life stories of what it means to be a father, “Dads of our Lives” featuring RJ Mitte, Matthew Lawrence and Zachery Ty Bryan as they give a virtual “thank you” to some of pop culture’s most iconic TV dads: Walter White from Breaking Bad, Mrs. Doubtfire and Tim Taylor from Home Improvement.  The Made Man “Dad Cave” hub offers unique gift guides with inspired ideas for every type of dad, sharable quizzes, e-cards and features from guest dad bloggers, only available on Made Man.

“‘For Fathers’ presents us with a wonderful opportunity to pay tribute to the men that help mold us into what we will ultimately become,” noted Barry Blumberg, EVP, DEFY Media.  “It’s execution across our premium brands allows us to approach stories from multiple perspectives resulting in engaging content which is both heartwarming and funny.”

Kicking off this week, Made Man’s “For Fathers” launches a series of original video content inspired by real life stories as well as some of pop culture’s most famous dads.

Featured programming:

  • For FathersThis series takes a closer look at the relationship between aspiring vocalist Demille Cole and his grandpa Charles. Charles has sacrificed a lot to give his grandson unconditional love and support, including a potential singing career. Demille and his Grandpa will get the surprise of a lifetime, thanks to a little help from our friends at NBC’s The TODAY Show. Tune in on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 15 to see the big reveal.  A second feature highlights Joel Elliot, a father who has been fighting for his eight year old daughter Hannah, who suffers from Selective Mutism. The video captures the excitement when Made Man surprises Joel and his family by flying in expert care for their daughter.
  •  “Dads of Our Lives – Tune in to this three episodes series featuring RJ Mitte (Breaking Bad), Matthew Lawrence (Mrs. Doubtfire) and Zachary Ty Bryan (Home Improvement) as they send tongue-in-cheek Father’s Day messages to their famous TV fathers: Walter White, Mrs. Doubtfire and Tim “the tool man” Taylor, respectively.

DEFY Media properties SMOSH, Screen Junkies, Break, Clevver and others join “For Fathers” to celebrate their own dads in original videos for “Bring Your Father to Work Week.”  YouTube partners Greg Benson/MediocreFilms and JStuStudios also created videos for the program.

  • Break – Comedian Howie Mandel spends the day at work with his producer son, Alex, to shoot a prank video for the number one comedy video site, Break.
  • SMOSH – Ian and Anthony’s Dads join them for a special “Lunchtime with Dads” episode while the SMOSH Games crew brings their dads in for special episodes, “Minecraft with Mari’s Dad” and “Backseat Gaming with our Dads”
  • Clevver – Clevver hosts Dana Ward, Joslyn Davis and the rest of the team will bring their dads in for special segments of Clevver News, Daily Hollywood Rundown and more
  • Made Man – A special Father’s Day themed episode of Speakeasy with Paul F. Tompkins featuring Orange is the New Black star Jason Biggs is now live!
  • Screen Junkies – Nick Mundy and his dad do a tag team rant on “How To Fix,” hosted by Hal Rudnick

Tune in all month long to or  The program also includes a “Thank Your Dad” Tweetstakes, where users are encouraged to thank their dads on Twitter using #ForFathers for a chance to win a “Handcrafted for Dad” prize pack.The full release schedule of For Fathers content is below:


Monday, 6/9: Screen Junkies, “Dads of our Lives: RJ Mitte

Monday, 6/9: Speakeasy with Paul F. Tompkins featuring Orange is the New Black’s Jason Biggs

Monday, 6/9: SMOSH Games, “Minecraft Arson with Mari’s Dad

Monday, 6/9: SMOSH, “Lunchtime with Our Dads!”

Monday, 6/9: Greg Benson/MediocreFilms, “Father’s Day Shopping Prank

Monday, 6/9: Clevver News, “Slang Terms That Your Dad Doesn’t Know

Tuesday, 6/10: SMOSH Games, “Backseat Gaming with our Dads

Tuesday, 6/10: Break, Hanky Pranky, “Jail Bait Lotion Prank Featuring Howie Mandel

Tuesday, 6/10: Made Man, “Dads of Our Lives: Matthew Lawrence

Wednesday, 6/11: Clevver Movies, Movie Poster Challenge – Father’s Day Edition

Wednesday, 6/11: Made Man, “Dads of Our Lives: Zachery Ty Bryan

Thursday, 6/12: Clevver News Daily Hollywood Rundown, “Take Your Dad to Work

Thursday, 6/12: Screen Junkies’ Nick Mundy, “How to Fix the Expendables

Friday, 6/13: Made Man, “For Fathers: Joel Elliot

Friday, 6/13: Clevver Music, “Dads Read Pop Song Lyrics!”

Saturday, 6/14: Clevver News, Rumor Patrol, “Dad Knows Best”

Saturday, 6/14: Clevver TV, “Celebs Get Advice From Dads”

Monday, 6/16: Made Man, “For Fathers: Demille Cole”


Check out the newly redesigned Made Man at and connect on social media:

Twitter @MadeMan


Instagram @MadeMandotcom



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