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September 2014

Men Increasingly Aware of Nutrition

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While women are more inclined to believe eating fruits and vegetables is healthier, a survey by SupermarketGuru shows men are not the “meat and potatoes” crowd they used to be. Among the men surveyed, 36 percent say they “eat a well-balanced diet without anyone’s help” and 56 percent said they “try to incorporate fruit and vegetables in every meal.”


When asked which statement best applies to your fruit and vegetable consumption, 39 percent of men said, “I do eat enough fruits and vegetables” and another 16 percent said, “I do not eat enough.” For the females answering based on a male in their household, 28 percent said, “He does eat enough fruits and vegetables” and—similar to the men—17 percent said the male in their household “does not eat enough.”


The survey also asked about habits of males when it comes to shopping for food. Results revealed that 44 percent of men buy all or most of the food eaten at home. Only 10% of men do little to none of the food shopping. Even more interesting, when asked which sex buys most of the fruits and vegetables for the household, both men and women reported it was a 50/50 split.

Youth Save More, Spend More Carefully

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A recent study of teenagers and twenty-somethings in the U.S. by The Futures Company shows young people haven’t stopped spending altogether. They have, however, changed their spending habits.


Today a greater percentage of 13-29 year olds income comes from parents and gifts compared to five years ago. They also are busier than they used to be, leaving little time for even part-time jobs, and the unstable economy means unemployment rates are higher among young people. As a result, these consumers are taking greater care to save up for things they really want rather than spending often. And the generation’s comfort with the Internet makes them savvy shoppers who comparison-shop online before making a big purchase.


Retailers can take advantage of these spending habits by appealing to the generation’s values. They are willing to spend relatively large sums of money on developing skills (dance classes), a personal passion (camera lenses), or a memorable experience (travel). Retailers also can make their buying experience stand out from the crowd. A Marc Jacobs pop-up shop recently accepted only social media mentions as currency, and Karl Lagerfeld dressing rooms are equipped with iPads so customers can send selfies to friends for approval before buying clothes.

Turning Millennials into Brand Advocates

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For younger Millennials, sharing via social media and instant connectivity is expected. When they have a great experience or see something funny online they share it with their friends, instantly. But they really don’t like advertising, especially on social networks. A survey by SocialChorus found 83 percent of persons 18-24 years old say sponsored stories make their social media experience worse, and 67 percent never click on those stories.


What they do trust, however, are their friends. Ninety-five percent say their friends are more credible sources of information about products than brands are, and 91 percent would consider buying a product if a friend recommended it.  Thus the key is co-marketing with Millennials and giving them good reasons to share your brand story with their peers.

Coupon Use Grows on Smartphones

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The percentage of consumers redeeming coupons on mobile devices has risen steadily over time, and experts believe it will continue to do so. Forecasts by eMarketer indicate 55 percent of Internet users will use a digital coupon at least once in 2014, for either online or offline purchases; by 2016, nearly 60 percent will do so.


Of those using digital coupons, eMarketer says more than 70 percent will redeem via a mobile device – either a smartphone or a tablet – in 2014. By 2016, the number is projected to rise above 80 percent. Tablets currently are the most popular device for redeeming digital coupons, because they are used heavily for online purchases.


eMarketer says 2014 will be the last year more digital coupons are used on tablets versus smartphones. In 2015, the rates are expected to shift to 77.7 percent tablet use and 82.4 percent smartphone. By 2016, coupon use on tablets will be 76.8 percent, while use of coupons on smartphones will be 87.4 percent.

SMOSH is Making a Movie!

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The rumors are true and we have officially announced The SMOSH Movie, which was co-produced with AwesomenessTV.  Lionsgate has acquired the distribution rights to the film and everyone at DEFY is excited to see the brand expand even further into the entertainment space. From YouTube to web to mobile and more, SMOSH is everywhere you go these days.

In addition to Anthony and Ian, The SMOSH Movie features YouTube stars Jenna Marbles, Grace Helbig, Harley Morenstein, Shane Dawson, Mark Fischback (Markiplier) and Dominic “D-Trix” Sandoval (with over 32 million combined subscribers),as well as Jillian Nelson, Brittany Ross, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Michael Ian Black.

Keep an eye out for more exciting info on The SMOSH Movie!