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Shaking the Hispanic Shopping Cart

By February 6, 2015 No Comments

Hispanic consumers and Millennials are bright spotlights for food manufacturers and retailers, and multiply at the intersection of these two groups: Hispanic Millennials. A recent study by Nielsen shows 21 percent of U.S. Millennials identify as Hispanic. These young, diverse consumers are shaking up shopping baskets as they straddle diverse traditions and the American mainstream.

With 62 percent of Hispanic Millennials being U.S.-born, the American lifestyle influences this generation more than their predecessors. When it comes to food preparation most Hispanics (58 percent) prepare food at home, but Millennial Hispanics are shifting toward ready-made prepared foods. This means Hispanic Millennials index high for packaged meals, canned pasta and prepared meals, seeking more convenient on-the-go foods and beverages compared to older Hispanics.

Yet Hispanic Millennials still place great value in product and flavor. Pre-marinated or flavored meat cuts have seen significant growth, with chicken flavored in adobo, cilantro and sazonada increasing 71 percent in volume compared to a year ago. While Hispanic Millennials are finding convenient and appealing products in the meat aisle, such products are just emerging in many other categories.