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Millennial Peer Pressure

By February 17, 2015 No Comments

Mom Central Consulting studies 1,100 millennial women who have no children to understand their purchase process and how their deep connections with family and friends impact choices. They found millennial women use multiple points of differentiation on their purchase paths compared to the linear process exhibited by older generations.


Millennial women dive deeper to get the facts, searching traditional offline sources as well as online. They focus on product comparisons and have conversations with friends and family both online and offline (e.g. Do you prefer X or Y? Should I go with product A or B?). In the example of technology purchases, these women rely more on their friends’ advice (66 percent) than their spouses or significant others (59 percent) or parents (37 percent). But all these people influence actual purchases, with 93% saying they have purchased a product after hearing about it from a friend or family member. And it’s not just technology purchases that are influenced by word-of-mouth; women said recommendations strongly influence food/beverages (68 percent), vacations (67 percent), and household products (63 percent). Celebrity endorsement has low impact on purchase decisions, with just 32 percent saying they paid attention to this promotion technique.


Millennial women don’t have an innate distrust of brands and 66% follow brands on social media, but less than half (41 percent) enjoy brands reaching out to them. They prefer to learn about brands via reviews on ecommerce sites like Amazon or Target (97 percent), blogs (82 percent), third-party sites (71 percent) and brand websites (77 percent).

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