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Page Loads and Profits

By February 17, 2015 No Comments

A survey of consumers ages 18-54 that spend more than five hours a week online outside of work by Limelight Networks, Inc. found website performance is critical to attracting and retaining buyers.


A high-performing website (no buffering, pages load quickly, etc.) was the most important expectation for a digital experience according to 52 percent; 60 percent indicated they aren’t willing to wait more than five seconds for a page to load before leaving the site. Just over 20 percent aren’t willing to wait three seconds for the page to load before they leave, and 37 percent would leave and buy a product from a competitor if a website was slow.


As more mobile devices become a web access point, more than 40 percent said they expect websites to be equally fast whether on mobile or desktop. Over 50 percent indicated most of the time they use either a smartphone or a tablet to access websites, and over 85 percent use a mobile device at least some of the time to access the internet.


On the plus side, 82 percent of consumers would recommend a brand if they had a positive experience with the brand’s website.

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