DEFY Releases Third Annual Acumen Report Today – Finds YouTube Personalities Wield More Power with Key Audience 

This year we decided to shift focus to an under-researched segment of the Millennial population to uncover what’s driving their content consumption as well as those all important ‘thumb-stopping’ and sharing factors. The results show that for this set, digital content has become king and those You Tube personalities increasingly popping up on the hottest Hollywood red carpets reign as the most retable and influential. Face it, digital just delivers more relatable and  entertaining programming.

These 13-24 viewers are spending almost double the hours weekly watching digital content vs. TV. Even heavyweight Nielsen concedes, “Traditional television viewing…is down, especially for younger viewers.” We believe that the shift stems from youth’s “digital native” upbringing and their specific lifestyle needs. This influential viewing audience has been able to download or stream whatever content they want—whenever they want—from the day they could work a keyboard. Digital is second-nature, highly relevant, and uniquely suited for their always-on lifestyle—and we credit these factors for driving youth’s increased consumption of online content.

Just read the current media headlines – from network TV’s declining audiences and earnings to the slew of  these ‘old school’ players launching new OTT offerings and apps to appeal to the younger ‘cord-never’ set – and you’ll see why Acumen: Constant Content is already buzzing in the media (check out BI and Variety’s scoop). More proof that the traditional media model is falling short with this audience.

Now hear it straight from the mouths of Millennials: WATCH