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Youth at the Mercy of Media

By March 20, 2015 No Comments

MTV commissioned a study—Beta Life Reloaded—to see how entertainment habits evolve as technology plays a greater role in everyday life and what has changed since its original Beta Life study in 2009. Findings show for every hour they’re awake, young people consume three hours of media and entertainment—an average 31 hours of screen time with ten of those hours going to TV and video. They average a total 47 hours of media activity on an average Saturday, exceeding 24 hours because they consume multiple forms at once. In 2009 they averaged 23 hours a day; thus content consumption doubled in five years. On average they turn to eight favorite websites, seven music artists, six TV channels, six brands, five stores, four magazines, and four radio stations for content.

Nonetheless young people still value “real-world entertainment.” Youth categorized “hanging out with friends” as the most entertaining activity, and seven out of ten said they don’t get to hang out with their friends as much as they would like. They also place a high value on “offline” activities they do less frequently, like spending time with friends, pleasure reading, playing sports, going to movies, and shopping.

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