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Multiculturals Make Music

By March 30, 2015 No Comments

African-Americans, Asian-Americans and Hispanics are the “Multiculturals”—about one-third of the U.S. population with 53 percent under the age of 35. And according to a study by Nielsen, they differ in music purchases spending an average $111 on music per year compared to $104 for the total market.

Multicultural consumers are early adopters when it comes to using technology to discover and experience music; they are more likely to download music, watch music videos online, stream music and share it with friends via social media. Fewer multicultural listeners rely on over-the-air radio to discover new music (54 percent compared to 64 percent of non-Hispanic Whites).

Multicultural consumers also react more positively to music in brand marketing compared to the total market. They say music provides a connection to their identities and cultural journeys, and musicians are role models who personify their personal experiences. Multicultural consumers say they respond positively to ads with music they like (55 percent), 61 percent respond favorably to brands offering free downloads of a newly released single, and 48% respond favorably to a brand sponsoring a tour of a favorite artist.

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