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Teens Are People, Too

At Business Insider’s Ignition conference, eight high-school teens talked about media, technology and what they think is cool (and not cool). These teens said Facebook isn’t dead, they still use email, and some even use their phones to make phone calls.

How they use Facebook may surprise you. One teenage boy said he disabled the voluminous newsfeed all together and only uses the social network to organize his ultimate Frisbee games. One girl said she only joined Facebook because her “Grandma made an account.” Others said it was good for school, citing that some of their teachers have created pages for their classes to post updates, notes, and homework assignments. They all said they use their phones, iPads, and computers to study.

The teens wanted “adults to understand that we’re intelligent people, we don’t just use our phones for stupid things, and we even like talking to each other face-to-face.”

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