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BFFs on Instagram

The latest Cassandra Report from Deep Focus reveals that more than one-third of Millennials 18-34 years old consider relationships formed through digital channels (“eLationships”) as meaningful as in-person relationships. Nearly one-third (32 percent) of respondents say they feel close to people they have known only via social media, and 76 percent indicate they have friends on social media who they have never met in-person.

It stands to reason Gen Y craves innovations that enable them to make their digital lives more intimate. Overall, 58 percent think technology makes people feel more connected and 41 percent say gaming, specifically, is a way for them to connect with people from other countries. Gen Y also appears fascinated by inventions that merge digital and physical experiences: 25 percent are using fitness trackers and 12 percent are using more advanced wearable tech like Google Glass.

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