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Digital Democracy Votes Out TV

Deloitte’s Digital Democracy Survey found streaming video services are used by 42 percent of American households and have overtaken live programming. Fifty-six percent of consumers now stream movies and 53 percent stream television, as compared to 45 percent who prefer to watch television live. Trailing Millennials (age 14-25) spend nearly 60 percent of their movie watching time on computers, tablets, and smartphones—more than on a TV screen.

Millennials (age 14-31) and Gen X (age 32-48) engage in an average of three activities while watching TV, including internet browsing, email and text messaging. The activities are not usually tied to the TV program, with only one-quarter multitasking in relation to the current program. Three-quarters of consumers say they tend to multitask more during the TV ads, yet 62 percent say they are willing to watch ads in streamed content if it results in lower subscription costs.

The study also found home Internet is the most valued service for 93 percent of Millennials. While 58 percent of Trailing Millennials still value Pay TV, 25 percent cancelled their Pay TV subscriptions in the last 12 months or haven’t had Pay TV for more than a year; Leading Millennials cancellation rate was lower at 16 percent.

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