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Back-to-School Spending 2015

By July 20, 2015 No Comments

A study from Rubicon Project found technology occupies a major portion of parents’ back-to-school spending for 2015. The average parent estimates they spend close to $400 on technology alone, and 20 percent of parents say they purchase technology to meet classroom needs or requirements. The study found tablets in particular to be a popular technological purchase and—despite the fact that 50 percent of K-8 children currently have a tablet—44 percent of parents plan to purchase one for their K-8 child in preparation for the upcoming school year.

When parents shop is driven by discounts; 61 percent of parents say store sales and promotions are the top determinate of when they conduct their back-to-school shopping. And digital ads can shape purchasing decisions; one-quarter of parents have clicked on a digital ad in the past week and nearly two out of ten parents have made a purchase in the past week based on an ad. More than 26 percent of college parents have clicked on an ad within the past day and 24 percent of college parents have made a purchase in the past 24 hours based on a mobile ad.

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