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Perpetually Plugged In

By July 20, 2015 No Comments

A study by found 91 percent of Millennials aged 13–24 years old spend at least half an hour online daily; more than 55 percent of Millennials spend over 4 hours online and 32 percent spend over five hours online a day. Moreover, down time equals digital time with 79 percent spending two hours or more online on weekends. The majority of this time is dedicated to social media with 71 percent of Millennials checking their accounts daily. Other content accessed daily includes mobile games (54 percent), instant messaging (40 percent) and email apps (58 percent).

Despite all this time online, privacy is still a major concern for these young tech users. Forty-five percent are concerned about companies tracking their online behavior and only one out of five Millennials think companies are doing enough to protect their privacy online. Fifty-five percent feel privacy policies need to be better communicated, and only 25 percent of young people feel they adequately understand the contents of these policies.

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