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Size Matters When Viewing Video

By July 27, 2015 No Comments

A study from Nielsen reveals how device proliferation and social-media interactions are giving viewers greater power over how, when, and where they watch. Sixty-three percent say time-shifted programming better accommodates their schedule and 58 percent say they often catch up with programming by watching several episodes on the same day; only 48 percent prefer to watch live video programming.


In terms of platform, viewers weigh size against convenience. Fifty-one percent think the biggest screen is the best screen for watching video programming, while 37 percent say watching video programming on their mobile device is convenient. Television screens are more preferred for sporting events (59 percent), news shows (73 percent), documentaries (71 percent) and movies (74 percent). Short-form videos are the exception with 64 percent preferring to watch this type of content on a computer versus only 6 percent preferring a television screen.

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