Not Every [YouTube Show] Ever: DEFY’s SMOSH Turns 10

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Not Every [YouTube Show] Ever: DEFY’s SMOSH Turns 10

Earlier this year marked the 10th anniversary of the number one video platform in the world—YouTube.  Now it’s Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox’s turn to celebrate the same milestone along with the SMOSH empire they’ve helped build along the way. In early 2005, while a pre-Google YouTube was still in beta, the two teenage friends did an Internet search of their names and noticed a fan had posted their popular MySpace Mortal Kombat lip-synch video to YouTube.  Although unfamiliar with the new video site, they were exited to see that they had already hit 1000 views and the number was growing.  In November, they asked the fan to take the video down so they could start their own channel—and SMOSH was born.

Today, SMOSH is one of the strongest youth media brands in the world, and Anthony and Ian have earned their place among today’s megastars. With a full-blown comedy empire that has amassed over 20 billion video views and includes apps, music, a movie, and the acclaimed animation channel Shut Up! Cartoons, they have achieved success unlike any other digital talents.

In 2014, a Variety study highlighted SMOSH as the #1 most influential figures among American teens—even beating out the likes of Katy Perry and Jennifer Lawrence. SMOSH’s popularity continued to soar this summer with the release of a full-length film that climbed to  #1 on the iTunes comedy chart. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum also took notice of SMOSH, making Anthony and Ian the first-ever digital stars to become immortalized as wax figures. July also welcomed another talented cast to join the SMOSH team already including the expert-gaming SMOSH Games crew. The new members launched the series Every [Blank] Ever, which has averaged 4 million views an episode since the launch.

Now, with the announcement of the much-anticipated scripted comedy series Part Timersan endeavor that allows SMOSH to continue its creative expansion—2016 will prove to be an even bigger year for SMOSH. Fresh new talent, and ventures into new content formats are just the start of what will keep the seminal brand popular for years to come.

Tonight, we’ll commemorate this impressive milestone and toast with our YouTube friends and partners. Congrats to Ian, Anthony, the entire SMOSH family, their millions of loyal fans around the world and the DEFY team for ten years of immense success.  We’re looking forward to many more years of hilarious SMOSH content. Cheers!