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Faking Birthdays and Sharing Accounts

By November 11, 2015 No Comments

Mindshare North America found Millennials ages 18-34 are happy to deceive if it comes with lower prices. Forty-seven percent of Millennials put products in online shopping carts and then leave the site, hoping the brand will send discount offers via email or retargeted ads; this compares to 37 percent for adults overall. Faking a birthdate is another tactic with 26 percent of Millennials giving bogus birthdays to get discounts—something only 17 percent of all adults do. Similarly, 36 percent of Millennials use multiple email addresses to score deals (vs. 30 percent of all adults) and 36 percent share an Amazon Prime subscription to receive free shipping (vs. 24 percent of all adults).

When it comes to travel, 31 percent of Millennials and 23 percent of all adults wipe clean their browser histories—to avoid cookies that follow a user’s every online move—when shopping for airline tickets. Without the data, airline websites are unable to tell if someone has been researching fares and thus more likely to offer cheaper prices. And 61 percent of Millennials know to book travel on certain day, like Tuesday, when prices typically drop compared to 48 percent of all adults.