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Millennials Spend Only 18 Percent of Time on Live TV

By November 20, 2015 No Comments

A study by SmithGeiger LLC and Net2TV Corp shows media consumers are now watching an astounding 8.25 hours of video every day. But the viewing is increasingly fragmented, with consumers spending more time watching streaming videos and programs on digital devices and less watching traditional TV.

Leading this shift are 18-34 year old Millennials, spending only 18 percent of their video-viewing time watching traditional broadcast and cable TV. Fully 61 percent of their overall viewing time is being done on digital devices (e.g. PCs, tablets, phones). For older adults, ages 35 to 44, real-time viewing of broadcast or cable TV is only slightly larger accounting for 27 percent of their total video viewing time.

The survey results indicate long-form programming maintains its popularity, but is increasingly shifting to non-live platforms. Media consumers are routinely watching content as long as 30 minutes on smartphones and tablets, and for longer than an hour on tablets and connected TVs. For 18-34 year olds, watching shows on video focused sites such as YouTube, Vice or Popcorn and binge watching multiple episodes of a show were most popular for video viewing.