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A Millennial Walks Into an Organic Bar…

By November 30, 2015 No Comments

Understanding Millennials’ spending habits can be tricky; that’s why MONEY rounded up a list of the ten things Millennials buy more often, sometimes a lot more often, than Gen X or Baby Boomers. One category where Millennials are more likely to spend money than older generations was organic foods. While 45 percent of Americans in general actively seek out organic foods, 53 percent of those 18-29 years old actively search for organic products.

Craft alcohol is another of the top ten items for Millennials and they are more willing to spend money on it than other generations. Millennials seem to care more in general about liquor brands. One survey found 64 percent of Millennials saying the brand of spirit in a menu cocktail description was important or very important; the number was 55 percent for Gen X and 50 percent of Baby Boomers.