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I Stream, You Stream, Kids Stream TV

By November 30, 2015 No Comments

A study from PwC examined media content and found “streaming TV” was most popular, with 53 percent of kids ages 8-18 choosing it as their favorite type of content. Streaming TV included subscriptions such as Netflix and using TV Everywhere with a cable/satellite subscription. The second most favored content was “Drama or Reality Shows on Cable Channels” at 47 percent; Games, Short Videos, Network TV Shows and Movies tied for third as the most popular types of content.

The study found kids and teens most often learn about new programming through commercials (33 percent); nonetheless recommendations from family or friends either directly (23 percent) or through social media (18 percent) if combined would actually be tops. Most kids and teens (82 percent) believed they influence their parents about content viewed in the home, 24 percent admitted their parents make the actual decisions. Twenty-three percent said they get to make the decision, and 7 percent said, “We compromise.”