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Teens Favor Instagram for Daily Use

By November 30, 2015 No Comments

YPulse explored which social networks 13-32 year olds engage with on a daily basis and found Facebook still dominates at 51 percent. Instagram is gaining with 30 percent saying they engage with the platform every day compared to 22 percent for Twitter, 23 percent for Snapchat, and 2 percent for Vine.

Yet the daily use ranking takes on a slightly different picture when comparing the use of teens and older Millennials. More 13-17 year olds say they use Instagram (39 percent) and Snapchat (34 percent) each day than use Facebook (28 percent). Among persons 18-32 years old, 57 percent use Facebook daily and just 26 percent use Instagram daily. Teens also use YouTube on a daily basis at twice the rate of older Millennials (24 percent vs. 13 percent).