Watch Teens Speak Their Minds

By December 4, 2015 No Comments
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DEFY’s Acumen team interviewed 60 teens and young adults at VidCon 2015 and surveyed 400+ to find out why they watch so much YouTube and other digital video, and why they prefer digital stars to traditional celebs.

It’s not news today that teens love digital video. But our Acumen research team wanted to dig deeper and talk to teens directly about why they prefer digital video to traditional TV. We also wanted to understand why the digital stars in the videos they watch so often are more appealing than traditional stars. So our team hit the streets at the world’s largest gathering of people who love digital video—VidCon—to get the story from teens themselves.

Read more in Tech Insider’s coverage of our findings on the teen’s love of digital video vs. TV and why they love digital stars.