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Advertising That’s Good at Grabbing Attention

By December 11, 2015 No Comments

In a study assessing consumer perspectives on marketing, Fractl and Moz found 58 percent of respondents were using some form of ad-blocking software. The study found traditional advertising (TV, radio, billboards and print ads), promotional emails, and social media ads to be the most effective at grabbing attention. Over 50 percent of respondents rated traditional advertising high for grabbing attention, while 41 percent said in the past week a promotional email grabbed their attention and 36 percent said the same about social media ads. In contrast, the ad formats that weren’t particularly attention grabbing include sponsored story ads, mobile app ads and PPC (pay-per click) ads, grabbing the attention of just 18 percent, 17 percent and 10 percent of respondents, respectively.

The study found online search to be the primary mode through which people learn more about a company or product. Over 88 percent of respondents used online search for this purpose, and 93 percent said they have used this method within the last week. Just over 85 percent visited a company’s website, 82 percent read customer reviews, and 85 percent were positively influenced by consumer reviews. Notably, customer reviews were two times more likely to positively influence buying decisions than traditional advertising.