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Affirmation Drives Teen Social Media Use

By December 11, 2015 No Comments

Analysis from as reported by PR Newswire found the biggest drivers of social media usage for teens are the fear of missing out and a need for affirmation. The top three motivators to post to their favorites are:

  1. Whether specific friends, a crush, or a boyfriend/girlfriend will likely see the post (45 percent);
  2. How they will be perceived – e.g. cute, funny, sexy, etc. (43 percent);
  3. How many likes or comments they think a post will receive (40 percent).

One-third (33 percent) of American teens check within minutes to see if their posts generated comments, and 38 percent feel disappointed if they don’t get responses quickly.

However there are scenarios in which teens prefer to remain more anonymous. Forty percent say being anonymous online makes it easier to talk about difficult topics, while only four percent say they would talk about those same issues under a profile tied to their identity. More than half of teens (51 percent) say being anonymous online allows them to share new ideas without worry of being made fun of, and 47 percent say it allows them to share their real feelings.