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Convenience Wins Over Screen Size

By December 11, 2015 No Comments

A report by AOL found people watch videos on the most convenient device, rather than the device that would provide the best viewing experience. While 45 percent of respondents said they watch videos on their smartphones because it’s most easily accessible, just 12 percent said a smartphone gives the best viewing experience. Similarly, 42 percent said they watched videos on a tablet but only 23 percent said the tablet offers the best viewing experience. Nonetheless screen size doesn’t seem to impact enjoyment of a video; respondents rated both computers and tablets a 6.8 out of 10 and smartphones a 6.7 for overall enjoyment when watching the same video.

The report shows the majority of video viewing happens at home, no matter the device. Eighty-four percent of computer views occurred at home, while 76 percent of tablet views and 73 percent of smartphone views occurred at home. And mobile users watch just as many short clips as they do long form videos (30 percent vs. 29 percent of viewing time).

AOL reported mobile video advertising can be just as effective as desktop; 48 percent of computer users and 48 percent of smartphone users claimed to be more familiar with a brand after viewing an ad on the these devices. Across the devices, viewers want the same thing from video advertising; 42 percent of computer viewers, 40 percent of tablet viewers and 45 percent of smartphone viewers said they want video ads to entertain them.