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How Do Teens Communicate?

By December 11, 2015 No Comments

A report on teens ages 13-17 from the Pew Research Center found texting is the dominant mode of communication between friends. Almost 90 percent of teens texted friends occasionally and 55 percent did so daily; 59 percent used video chat but just 7 percent used it daily. Seventy-nine percent of all teens communicated with friends via social media (23 percent daily) and a surprising 64 percent used email—but only 6 percent used it daily.

Among the various communication tools 49 percent of teens said text messaging (including messaging apps) was their first choice for communicating with their closest friends, and 20 percent said social media was their first choice. Thirteen percent said phone calls were their preferred method and just six percent said they used video games for talking with their closest friends. Girls are more likely to use text messaging as conduits for conversations with friends; 62 percent of girls spend time with friends every day via texting compared with 48 percent of boys.