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May 2016

ScreenJunkies is Influencing Hollywood

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Proving that ScreenJunkies is an entertainment force to be reckoned with, this week has successfully shown that the brand is truly living up to its “influencing the influencers who influenced us” messaging. This Tuesday, ScreenJunkies’ Honest Trailers series released another of its hilarious parody trailers known for keeping directors like the Russo brothers on their toes. But, this time with the help of ardent Honest Trailers fans, the series featured its first celebrity appearance—Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds.

As the creator of ScreenJunkies, it has always been Andy Signore’s dream to get a celebrity to poke fun at his or her own movie in an Honest Trailer, but never thought it would actually happen—until Deadpool came along. The foul-mouthed superhero and film’s meta humor were the perfect fit for such an endeavor. For weeks following the movie’s release, Signore and passionate HT fans continuously tweeted at the film’s star Ryan Reynolds and writer Rhett Reese—and then one day Reynolds responded.

In a move that strongly affirms the franchise’s strong and vocal social following, and its growing influence among Hollywood’s film insiders, avowed Honest Trailers fan Reynolds teamed up with ScreenJunkies to participate in a Deadpool Honest Trailer. Within 24 hours the trailer amassed 3.8 million unique views on Facebook and 3.6 million on YouTube. The video has trended on Facebook for the past 23 hours, made the front page of Reddit, reached the top 2 trending position on YouTube, and has accounted for 40K new ScreenJunkies followers.

The Honest Trailer, which is just as raucous and subversive as the vigilante it parodies, has received extensive media coverage and been shared by Reese, Reynolds, and Deadpool’s official accounts.

Watch the trailer and read more coverage in Adweek, A.V. Club, and Mashable.