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Gen Z Favors Music Over TV Time

The Nielsen Global Generational Lifestyles Survey examined how people of all ages live, eat, play, and save. The survey found TV was still the top method of getting news, even for younger generations; 48 percent of Millennials (age 21 to 34) and 45 percent of Gen Z (age 15 to 20).  TV also was the most popular spare-time activity for Millennials (31 percent), but for Gen Z it was listening to music (37 percent) and reading (27 percent); only (23 percent) of Gen Z cited TV as their most popular spare-time activity.

Despite Millennials and Gen Z having reputations for constantly using electronic devices, older respondents are actually more distracted. Fifty-two percent of Baby Boomers say meal times are not technology free, but only 45 percent of Generation X, 40 percent of Millennials and 38 percent of Generation Z say the same. And while 23 percent of Millennials say they eat most dinners while doing something else, it’s still less than the 30 percent for Baby Boomers.