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Millennials Pay for News

Research from the American Press Institute found the vast majority of Millennials (age 18 to 34) regularly use paid content for entertainment or news, whether they personally pay for the content or someone else foots the bill. While paid music, movies, television, and video games are consumed by an overwhelming majority of Millennials, 53 percent also report using paid news content —print, digital, or combined formats — in the last year. Furthermore, 40 percent of Millennials personally pay for news products or services out of their own pockets and those over age 21 are twice as likely as those age 18 to 21 to personally pay for news.

The study found in all, 87 percent of Millennials personally pay for some type of subscription or other paid service, including news and entertainment services, and the most popular content Millennials pay for personally is downloaded, rented, or streamed movies and television (55 percent) and music (48 percent). Older Millennials are more likely than younger Millennials to pay out of their own pocket for news (roughly 45 percent over 21 versus 23 percent age 18 to 21). Interestingly, 90 percent of those who pay for news also pay for entertainment, and those who pay for news tend to also engage more with news on free platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.