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Millennials Say Tech Enhances Life

A Harris Poll reported by Media Post shows adults are conflicted about whether technology has a positive or negative impact on their lives. While 71 percent believe technology has improved the overall quality of their lives and 68 percent say it encourages people to be more creative, 73 percent believe technology is creating a lazy society. Furthermore, 69 percent say technology is too distracting, and 59 percent say it has a negative impact on literacy. Among generations, Millennials are most likely to say technology has a positive effect on many aspects of life; 72 percent say it has a positive effect on their ability to learn new skills, improve relationships with friends (59 percent), and live life the way the want (53 percent). Millennials are say tech improves their happiness (52 percent), social life (57 percent), and relationships with family (46 percent).

However women and men differ on this matter. Women are more likely to hold the opinion that technology has become too distracting (76 percent versus 70 percent of men). They also are more likely to believe it has a negative effect on their productivity at home (30 percent versus 17 percent), and are more likely to say it has adverse influences on safety/security (50 percent versus 43 percent). In contrast, men are more likely to believe technology positively impacts their productivity at home (44 percent versus 28 percent of women), work productivity (43 percent versus 29 percent) and work life (42 percent versus 29 percent).