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Understanding Millennial Latinas

Estimated to spend $1.6 trillion this year, the purchase power of U.S. Hispanics is enormous, and Latinas represent a particularly important demographic for brands. A study from Pop Sugar shows Latinas are receptive to digital advertising, native advertising and branded content. They are 23 percent more likely to view online ads as influential, and nearly half trust advertising on sites they admire more than they trust a friend’s recommendation. About two-thirds of Latinas say they prefer native advertising, particularly moms (72 percent) and younger Millennials (70 percent). Moreover, millennial Latinas are 13 percent more likely to consider branded content influential than the general U.S. population.

Latinas have a unique cultural heritage that influences how they perceive and respond to advertising. Sixty-nine percent of Latinas say they are inspired daily by American and Latina culture, and 94 percent of Latinas want to see more of themselves in the content they consume, especially in lifestyle categories such as beauty and fashion. Latinas are 23 percent more likely to be viewed by their peers as fitness influencers and nearly one out of two Latinas are viewed as fashion influencers.