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Youth Get Sports on YouTube and Facebook

A study by Whistle Sports reported by Fortune found, when it comes to sports content, younger viewers are more inclined to seek out sports videos on YouTube and Facebook. When asked where they go to consume sports-related video content, 38 percent of 25-to-34 year olds say ESPN (live TV or ESPN app) and 52 percent say Facebook. But in the younger bracket, 13-to-24 year olds, 64 percent list YouTube, 53 percent Facebook and just 42 percent ESPN. For viewers ages 13 to 17, 73 percent say they go to YouTube, 48 percent to Facebook, and 30 percent on TV.

Social circles play a fairly significant role, with 20 percent saying they regularly find sports videos via a close friend who shares or recommends them and 20 percent saying they regularly find sports videos when someone in their wider social media circle shares or recommends them. Notably, only four percent say they regularly find sports-related videos from an expert who shares or recommends them.